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Thank you for visiting my web portfolio.

All the work presented on this website was done in traditional way using watercolors, pencil and ink and digital as well.

I live in Danville, Kentucky with my sweet husband Jeff who loves to play the banjo while I paint. It is a happy collaboration with music in the background. I've worked as a graphic artist, have had a number of different kinds of jobs, but illustrating and painting makes me happy so that is my pursuit. I've worked with several authors and helped them complete their books with colorful, happy and inspirational illustrations that complemented their stories. They have a story to tell and it is my aim to help them .

Come back and visit, as I will add more pages to this website with more ideas, designs and illustrations and continue to grow.

You can contact me by looking to the right or use my contact form below. Thanks again for visiting my site.





Danville, Kentucky

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